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With close to three decades of the demo scene expanding the Commodore 64's capability envelope, maybe it's time to raise the bar on parallax effects too by working a vertical parallax scroll into Parallaxian's landscape so that it dips and rises as the plane climbs or dives. This is the easy starting point. 01. commodore. Get 'em Good is a remake of a C64 game called Get 'em DX. VICE - Official homepage for the most widely used C64 Emulator Transfer your stuff from a real C64. In data_text. I am also in the process of mastering a very good artists new album, 2 tracks done so far Aaron :) If that wasn't enough, I am also working on some music projects myself, towards my own second album. Now to  64'er Commander, The C64-Disk Commander. One of the more eccentric fonts in GEOS on the Commodore 64 was Elmwood, released in FontPack 1. To make use of this on the C64, you need to turn this data into two separate arrays: the actual character set and an array indexed by y0, y1 that returns a list of 3 character indices. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs. ". reverse video. It contains 64,000 bytes of memory, a built in music synthesizer, programmable character set, multi-color sprites, high resolution output,  15 Jun 2014 The C64 can display two sets of fonts: either a combination of upper case and lower case letters (good for any kind of text), or a combination of  18 Dec 2016 This c64 gave me the following screen on power-up. There are some games that use layers making it harder to rip such as Target Renegade and Crystal Kingdom Dizzy. 00. The dragon and the sea serpents use bigger and the ghost (Wispith) use normal size attribute. CIA#2 (Complex Interface Adapter). All the basic features are implemented as well as most of the complex ones including synchronisation, ring modulation and filters. . Maybe even the ability to select ROM/RAM charset as the screen draws (user sets a flag in their program). 128 on Apache server works with 3625 ms speed. C64. The C64 can display sprites in normal, taller, wider or bigger (taller+wider) mode. You should number the boxes along the top 1 , 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 , 64 and 128 . The program supports project based C64 assembly or Basic V2. 0 the encoding "UTF-8-BOM" is accepted for reading and will remove a Byte Order Mark if present (which it often is for files and webpages generated by Microsoft applications). It only supports hires 1x1 chars for now, but it has a few useful features: Auto create reversed charsets. ca is Commodore Computers | PET, 64, 128, History, Pictures, Manuals, Advertising & ROMS - www. This helped me a lot, however the title screen data had to be split into two separate charsets. Extended background color character mode. Sprite/Charset Editors: You will probably need to develop your own tools or use Its stock asm-mode is ok for C64 code, even though it wasn't  13 Sep 2016 This colorful 8-bit typography has been resurrected by new media researcher Stijn Peeters in the form of C64 Charset Logo Generator. You can modify two D64-diskimages on one screen at the same time. Site title of www. prg file can then be ran on a real or emulated machine. 3v side is then connected to the Pi's pin 12 (GPIO18). It's a slick effect but what I am after is something quite different. 14, $0E, lo/up charset, 78, $4E, n, 142, $8E, up/gfx charset, 206, $CE, N. One is the default C64 font,  This is a rom adapter board for the C64 which replaces all rom chips with a combine kernal and basic rom in a single 28-pin rom next to the charset rom. Started the routine. The SZ_CHARSET_DATA represents the size of the character set data and color attributes. My videocode supports 22x23 videomap with 4MHz pixelclock and 40x25 videomap with 8MHz pixelclock. Whilst the game is in full spring, you hit the "F9" key and go to "State", then "Save State. Roger/G*P received fame for his 2×2 charset that he created in 1988/1989 and that is still widely used today. Each Commodore 64 character is a fixed size, eight pixels tall by eight pixels wide, so you need to draw a grid that is eight by eight, sixty-four boxes in total. 13, $0D, Return, 77, $4D, m, 141, $8D, Shift-Return, 205, $CD, M. I just binged on some C64 demos and I was wondering how are You could pack a 4x2 character set if you'd address a single "pixel" with one  25. März 2019 Der C64 beherrscht 256 Zeichen (0-255), die im Zeichenspeicher enthalten sind und über mehrere Methoden genutzt werden können. A cross platform wxWidgets based character/font editor for Commodore 64 character sets written in Python. Graphics/VIC banks: $0000-$3fff bank 3 ROM charset shadows. A user-supplied character set in RAM must begin at an address that divides with 2048 bytes leaving no remainder, and reside within the same 16 kB VIC bank as the screen character memory. So 3 are the same for the screen and one chosen per char. Printing them will cause a change in screen layout or behavior, not an actual character displayed. Early C128 machines came with 16K of VDC RAM, expandable to 64K by added three additional 16K chips. 2000 Got the idea to use C64 Logos on an upcoming webpage, tried to use a 3x3 charset and type in the emulator, but flunked. Sprites from C64 games can be ripped using savestates from CCS64 or VICE making it easier to sprite rip. The charset of the C64 is using 8 bytes per character. $ GameMaker [C64] (Gary Kitchen) Game building environment with sprite, background, sound effect and music editors and a programming language interpreter with support for joysticks, sprites, hi-res graphics, sound effects and music. 1 C64 emulator features. Fetch 8 bytes from this offset of the Character ROM and use it as a bitmap: Bit = 0: Pixel has background color which is determined by bits #6-#7 of the screen byte: Bit pair = %00: Pixel has Background Color. prg file from it. The normal one uses 256 chars and 3 color foreground registers plus the color RAM for the 4th color. We decided to ignore the decline of our bee population, and now their guardians have arrived. (The Commodore charsets can become a bit repetitive after a while. In the picturesque intro you are introduced to the background of the game. Add: Import charset and charset screen Peeters says that C64 Charset Logo Generator is open-source, and inspired by several other coders and researchers. Where PREFIX is the installation prefix (usually `/usr/local'), EMU is the name of the emulated machine (C64, C128, PET, CBM-II or VIC20) and BOOTPATH is the directory where the executable resides. There are two emulators of the SID chip available: first is the "standard" VICE emulator, Commodore 64 (C64) ROMS/ISOS. C64 Sprite / CharSet Ripper. Now quit from CCS64 as you are done with this fine utility, It's rendered in character mode but with a specially crafted charset. And if this weren't enough, CBM prg Studio is a windows application which allows you to write BASIC and machine code programs and create a . In Doriath, the player get the attribute : taller. dot. Ebb and Flow Where PREFIX is the installation prefix (usually `/usr/local'), EMU is the name of the emulated machine (C64, C128, PET, CBM-II or VIC20) and BOOTPATH is the directory where the executable resides. uni-paderborn. The . Any palette is only a rough approximation of an actual c64 display, but if you have a preferred palette you can enable that in DirMaster. Original C64 intros done by: CPU, Didi, Einstein, Excell, Human, Krush, Maniac, SKC, Skywolf, The Syndicate, Tri-Dos To support Hires ( ) graphics 160x100 the blockgraphic charset requires 2048bytes. Has some problems handling many sprites on the screen. A mishmash of the CGA, Acorn and C64 character fonts (and just a hint of Fixedsys), with a few pixels nudged here and there and several symbols shifted to make world maps look nicer. swapping parts of the charset on the fly). The c64 community on Reddit. First the charset: The C64 can display sprites in normal, taller, wider or bigger (taller+wider) mode. prg' file which you can run on an emulator, or even a real C64 if you're feeling brave and have the right kit. The same XOR trick can work here also to reduce it to 1024bytes? The videocode Clocks in at just a bit over 1K. 137. The computer was now getting the character set from RAM instead of from ROM. I did have a few issues with the sprite/charset collision subroutine, so it was time […] Richard's C64 blog! 6502 game programming projects c64 CBMPRGStudio Commodore 64 Cruiser X-79 Retro Computing Shoot Em Up Site title of www. Automatic Charset Extraction November 11, 2017 Uncategorized claus I mentioned in an earlier post already, that the ToS 2 game engine on the C64 is pretty flexible regarding the handling of character sets. Suggested Emulators VICE Get notifications on updates for this project. This port, in combination with an external PLA, was used to map ROM and I/O areas into the 64KB RAM of the C64. Peeters says that C64 Charset Logo Generator is open-source, and inspired by several other coders and researchers. Convert binary encoding that head and Notepad can read to UTF-8 charset=utf-8 – William R Aug 18 '16 How did the Sinclair compare on price with the C64 in PETSCII also known as CBM ASCII, is the character set used in Commodore Business The C64's lowercase characters are identical to the lowercase characters in the Atari 800's system font (released several years earlier). The 64'er Commander is freeware. At 10fps, you need to decode about 10k per second. It comes included with the ability to load a . This chip gives a variety of graphics modes, including a 40 column by 25 line text display, a 320 by 200 dot high resolution display, and SPRITES, small movable objects which make writing games simple. ROMS and ISOS, Get-Your-Rom Discussion. Boss Battles. Any other emulator can be set up as well if it's startable via runtime arguments. . You must pilot the 1981 Galencia Fighter and restore order. Here you can find almost anything which was ever made for the commodore 64, and more is being added every day. Genesis Project C64 cracktros re-coded in JS. click with selected emulator - full C64-charset support - separate C64-charset character selection dialog. Viele Tools, Links und einiges mehr. ca World ranking 955216 altough the site value is $2256. Figuring it'd be a fairly easy challenge to port over to FontStruct, here it is. It is of course important that the order of the letters match the standard order of the C64 Character Sets so that the screen codes resulting from our text in the sources is adequately converted to the C64 screen. That gives you enough time to barely write 1500 bytes per frame, so this is right at the limit of what the C64 can do. The C64 charset is not available at Bank 1 ($4000-$7000) and Bank 3 ($C000-$FFFF). If charset is in lowercase/uppercase mode, add 2048 ($0800). g. We shall stick to the normal C64 display bank ($0400 - $07E7), so that then we can display some text. Select Kernal, BASIC and Charset. PRG image, VICE snapshot, has a hex disassembler, a Disassembler, Sprite memory view, bitmap view, Character sets and screens view It's a slick effect but what I am after is something quite different. com Information. The disk drive ROMs are looked for in a directory with EMU set to DRIVES . Challenging Stages. It's been tested on Linux, MacOS and Windows, with wxPython 2. ) It would be cool to put the character ROM in RAM so we can redefine the charset for games. Only a so-called processor port was added. Peeters ported the original tool written in PHP using gd by Chris ‘Cupid The Computerscene/ Demoscene first appeared during the 8-bit era on computers such as the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari 800 and Amstrad CPC, and came to prominence during the rise of the 16/32 Close. ORG;CHARSET=utf-8:Universität Paderborn;Algorithmen und Komplexität / Hei nz Nixdorf Institut EMAIL:feldi@mail. Hi-Res   24 Jun 2019 Another example from the C64's heyday would be Thunderblade, which . The c64 executes about 20k cycles per frame, and the time to load/store from memory is going to be at least 9 cycles, 13 if you use indirect addressing. The snake take the attribute wider. All characters except the lower case m CBM Commodore 64 (C64) resources collection with images, charset and sprites from games and demos. 6 Mar 2019 The ROM's in the C64 and the original 1541 models are 24 pin and to something else and use either a 2732 (for the character set) or 2764  The easiest way to start programming Commodore 64. Shared by emilylol. com is VIP Social Bookmark - Your Source for Social News and Networking. Controls your C64 retro computer. as a shortcut, you can import a charset using the !bin command editor for the Commodore 64 http://retro. The two fonts were scavaged online. (The converter sets bit 3 of of each colour’s byte the colour file when a character is determined to be multicolour). Cursor SCA C64 Software Anthology, The - Title-Maker Sound-Library Disk 1 (1983)(SCA) 60 Ko SCA C64 Software Anthology, The - Title-Maker Sound-Library Disk 2 (1983)(SCA) The dryly-named C64 Charset Logo Generator lets you do something old-school that the new school forgot years ago: type using colorful bitmap fonts, as found in old video games of the Commodore era Attack of the Mutant Camels Matrix Version ROM (C64) Attack of the Mutant Camels New Version ROM (C64) Attack of the Mutant Ninja Blueberries ROM (C64) Attack of the Mutant Pricks ROM (C64) Attack of the Mutant TFF's ROM (C64) Attack of the Phantom Karate Devils The ROM (C64) Attack of the Slime Creatures ROM (C64) As from R 3. The source from my Commodore 64 assembly programming tutorial for Windows - petriw/Commodore64Programming The c64 community on Reddit. First, copyright law in many countries makes it almost certain that the C64 font resulted in the creation of copyrights for someone at some point. 15, $0F, 79, $4F, o  25 Jun 2014 Post with 22 votes and 1058 views. EARTH, 2017 . At the moment the program is in an early alpha state. Charset cleanup and transparency adding by Daniel 'Deekay' Kottmair. It also includes a character editor, sprite editor, screen designer and many other useful tools. Designing the front end with logo and scroll text was pretty much straight forward. CBM Commodore 64 (C64) charset gallery containing original art font from games 1-Writer to Alternate Reality X. There are two character sets of 256 characters and two fonts of 256 glyphs. The RAM is spread over the entire address range but only accessible via BASIC in those parts, which are not covered by any other bank. 0. The 2364 is an 8Kb PROM and is the same pinout as the 24-pin ROMS used in the original C64 and 1541, like 901227-0x (KERNAL in the C64) or 901229-0x (KERNAL in the 1541). Download latest version v1. Asteroid Fields. If you are using the  History 02. BMP image to C64 character data converter for Windows by Phil @ Retroleum. First the charset: By palette, we are specifically addressing the sixteen Commodore 64 colors that DirMaster uses to display directories, hex dumps, sector data, seq files, pictures, and so forth. Most of games and a vast majority of basic programs run in the first mode. It's a mixture of Pacman, a shooter and strategic extra usage. The SZ_CHARSET_ATTRIB_DATA reserves 256 bytes for the color. C64 Sprite / Charset Ripper (latest release: version 1. Commodore. C64's CLOCK serial port pin 4 is connected to a free 5v side pin of the level converter and the 3. Later models (C128, C128CR) had 64K RAM. ca IP is 184. Shaun sent me some bitmap mockups, and I was able to port them to C64 charset and screen format, using CharPad. 2 and 0 in the table), the ROM character set is "mapped into" the bank, so that the two standard character sets are directly available to the VIC ( not the CPU), thus freeing the programmer from having to assign space for a character set in RAM. asm you will find the three lines of text that are displayed on the screen. As the name suggests, it uses the Commodore 64 palette, but you can edit it with the provided controls, which also include kerning tweaks and many choices of lettering. Both in PAL and NTSC. The variables SZ_TILESET_DATA and SZ_MAP_DATA track the size of the tile set data and the size of the map data. 3 Feb 2004 Without resorting to creating sprites, the standard Commodore 64 BASIC programme has access to a standard character set, consisting of the  Code points 0xE600-0xE6FF encode the complete CBM2 character set. C64's DATA serial port pin 5 is connected to a free 5v side pin of the level converter and the 3. Commodore 64 - Musicdisk SIDRIP Alliance and Our beloved Baard Harald Fosse aka BHF (Acronyms of his real name) passed away on 23/04/2018 :( what a sad news of so gentle , kind , talented and funny person. Configuring VIC for a character set . This totals at 256 characters a 8 bytes = 2048 bytes. $0400, $0800, $0c00, $1000, $1400, and so on. All of the graphics abilities of the Commodore 64 come from the 6567 Video Interface Chip (also known as the VIC-II chip). code points 0xE000-0xE1FF encode the complete Commodore 64 character set. C64 Charset Logo Generator. Sprite/Charset Editors: You will probably need to develop your own tools or use Windows running on a virtual machine. 1 Choose your font: ollie Ollie - Font by Ollie format: Multicolour Bitmap; tinygold Cupid - Font by Cupid (2014) format: 3 colour  Commodore 64 character set, and the second half has the C128 mode character set, which is slightly different. In mid-July, I sent the nearly finished product to Alan De Smet for testing. Idea and code by Chris 'Cupid' Heilmann (@codepo8) - ported from the original tool written in PHP using gd. Discover & share this Source GIF with everyone you know. FCL [C64] (Your Commodore magazine) First Compiled Language. Each of the sprites on the C64 can be set within one of these mode. Select device number of internal SD2IEC drive. com IP is 66. A sprite can be often used in games and demos. com is The Rust Store - Solutions for All Rust Problems World ranking 926108 altough the site value is $2328. A sprite is a small object that can be moved around the C64 screen. (That means if you try to access it via a regular telnet client  Here then is Tricks & Tips, our fourth book for the Commodore 64. C64Studio 5. Get the SourceForge newsletter. Commodore 64 - Demo, Invitation Singular Crew: Jun 2018: Kerekes 64Band Music Selector - Graphics. vipsocialbookmark. 3 as my editor. After all, why bother concocting the charset graphics and associated  I've put up and experimental "telnet" BBS that uses the Commodore PetSCII character set exclusively. Interestingly, the implementation of the editing itself went pretty quickly (did I already mention that I love Java?). The internal assembler is using the ACME syntax. moe/tag/vchar64/ · commodore c64 qt c- plus-plus editor charset · 658 commits · 4 branches · 18 releases · Fetching  15 Dec 2013 The logo was created with Christian Heilmann's C64 charset logo generator. As the name  18 Dec 2018 Character Sets and sprites Emulators. PRG image, VICE snapshot, has a hex disassembler, a Disassembler, Sprite memory view, bitmap view, Character sets and screens view, and a SINE Analysis view. Peddle claims  20 Jan 2019 A character set is a body of information that describes the visual appearance of up to 256 characters: Since each character take 8 bytes of  1 May 2011 We are also going to use a custom charset instead of the pretty boring Download other charsets from this page: http://kofler. Notes: Codes $00-$1F and $80-$9F are control codes. Get newsletters and notices that include site news, special offers and exclusive discounts about IT products & services. theruststore. 2. Roger went to a grammar school that was flooded  Information about C64 graphics. Here’s how these two tables look like. Hier findet ihr deutschsprachige C64 Spiele und Adventures mit Screenshots. The VDC is configured to use 16K or 64K modules, and we can check that configuration by reading bit 4 of register 28: Ikari C64 cracktros re-coded in JS. German C64 Games Homepage. It's Magic 1 was already nice, but It's Magic 2 tops it by all means and is on its way to become a true C64 classic amongst the jump'n runs. The modifications did not affect the functional part of the processor itself. 4 Defining a character set A special feature of the Commodore 64 is the ability to place  15 Sep 2014 I designed a 3-color logo spanning multiple C64 screens in a PC graphic I have worked on a bitmap to multiple charset converter myself for a  C64 graphics. send your images back to 1982 C64 has 2 multicolor char modes. commodore. 51 on server works with 2032 ms speed. CSDb (Commodore 64 Scene Database) is a website which goal is to gather as much information and material about the scene around the commodore 64 computer - the worlds most popular home computer throughout time. 170. 05) First of all you boot up CCS64 and load your favourite game (in my case the wonderful game Creatures by Apex). Get your favourite games and demos here! Get 'em Good is a remake of a C64 game called Get 'em DX. That's why many productions use are $1000-$2000 for music or code, because you cannot use it for graphics because the ROM charset is there. List of C64 ROMS/ISOS Games Downloads on Get-Your-Rom. 8 and 3. A savable highscore and a fastloader are also onboard. COM is a C64 site dedicated to just about everything that is connected to the Commodore 64 (C64). NET based IDE. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. - I am indeed and currently working on the new C64 Sprite / Charset ripper, along with a port of X-Scapeto the GP32 handheld games console. (The C64 is a retro hardware from Commodore) Necessary Hardware: an old C64 computer; optionally a internal SD2IEC drive; a multi ROM adapter (for example REPROM64) Yes, this means that you program now just like on a C64, it has a hardware register, that like the hardware sinus register on the C64 is mapped into memory space, there is behind here, for the colours, I just throw them against an address, that I call the Screenshift, which is different to the original that could only allow movement about one character column, and I need only one line of code to do this. send your images back to 1982 2) “Save colours” – If desired, each character’s unique colour (IE: that used for the non-backround pixels of each) can be saved. Its stock asm-mode is ok for C64 code, even though it wasn't necessarily intended for that, but I think there are some dedicated C64 modes out there as well. com. This video is unavailable. In connection with Vice the IDE allows you to debug through your code and watch variables/memory locations, registers and memory. Fix: Fixed loading bug in ValueTableEditor, table with values was refilled but automatically cleared when loading tables without formula. This was the only font larger than 24 point, clocking in at 36. Pickup 9 of a kind to activate a particular powerup. This is only useful if the source image has the C64’s original colours in indexes 0-15. 6 has been released, lot’s of new features have been added and fixed, see below. There's obviously not enough RAM for a complete charset, but it might work with 96/64 chars. Bit pair = %01: Pixel has Extra Background Color #1. In order to use a 2764 in place of one of these ROMS, an adapter socket is needed. Hurricane rom for Commodore 64 (C64) and play Hurricane on your devices windows pc , mac ,ios and android! A character bitmap is a 64 entry list of zeros and ones. Sprites can be all shapes and sizes, and they can be repositioned, moved and / or also use hi-res or multicolour. Original C64 intros done by: Alien, Boozer, Frankieghost, Gotcha, HCL, Hein, Hires, Magic Man, Mermaid, Mr. de EMAIL: TEL;TYPE=WORK:+49 5251 60-6452 www. 3v side is then connected to the Pi's pin 11 (GPIO17). Commodore 64 Program Generator (called C64prgGen from now on) allows you to type a BASIC or machine code program in using a nice Windows environment (let's face it, the C64 was a pain to use compared to today's kit) and convert it to a '. Peeters ported the original tool written in PHP using gd by Chris ‘Cupid For the C64, there's a simple reason (probably among others): Control characters vs. The instructions to build one are here. Infiltrator Disassembler for C64 This Commodore 64 software tool allows you to completely reverse engineer any assembly language listing with several extra additions. Let us say for example, you are writing a new C64 game, it has a title screen, the main game, . This is Hardware Extension for a C64 retro computer. We didn't listen to the warnings. When telling the C64 where you want to put your screen data, this is rounded up to 1024 = $400, so you can put screen data on each multiple of $400 bytes in memory. 168. C64 and C65 ROMs are loaded from SD card, so distribution of the C65GS FPGA bitstream is not affected by any copyrights that may still exist on those. For a start off, let us try and something, which is located at $4000 and then pastes it through the whole of the screen area. Title of the website for www. A rather complete emulation of the SID sound chip is also provided. Notice how I use the "]" character which will be later shown as a heart character. The tricky part was to a) build the charset and b) have a C64 run-time fast enough that can select the right characters and render them. Learn BASIC and Design you own custom character set; Use every built-in graphical mode. C64 Charset Logo Generator lets you type using colourful bitmap fonts, as found in old video games of the Commodore era. Charset ripping and credit research by Dejan 'Nucleus' Petronijevic. Firstly folks, I appologise for bringing up the dirty word contribution, but I feel this version of the C64 Sprite / Charset Ripper fully deserves it. This will be the base for the further required features, that are needed to support the more special properties of the TOS2 C64 engine (like e. It's available for Windows 9x/Me and NT/2000/XP. The Screen dimensions are 40×25 = 1000 bytes of data. It is preferred when performance is required with a lot of graphisms that must be updated on each frame refresh. They can also be overlayed. Clear every screen of all dots. Both have the following in common: FOR COMMODORE 64 COMPUTERS. I use Emacs 24. Peddle claims the inclusion of card suit symbols was spurred by the demand that it should be easy to write card games on the PET (as part of the specification list he received). C64 Studio is a . In two of the four VIC banks (banks no. The KERNAL-ROM contains the C64 kernal code. Before its too late! 50 Action Packed Levels. Be sure to fight back enemies, as they drop nice extras. theruststore. The 64'er Commander is a C64 Disk-Commander in the style of Windows- or Speed-Commander. Get your favourite games and demos here! The C64's lowercase characters are identical to the lowercase characters in the Atari 800's system font (released several years earlier). Hypercube as C64 Charset! 19 Sep 2016 C64 Charset Logo Generator lets you type using colourful bitmap fonts, as found in old video games of the Commodore era. The graphic chip (VIC II) on the Commodore 64 can work in two modes, either ‘characters’ or ‘bitmap’. 13. New Features. A simple . The first 32 ASCII chars are non-visible anyway. A custom character set can be positioned almost everywhere in RAM (at 2048 interval steps). C64-Controller. A character bitmap is a 64 entry list of zeros and ones. Fix: Macro source info was using file name at calling location, not of the macro source location. In the C64/C128 series of computers, slightly modified versions of the 6502 were used. at/c64/ but  23 May 2013 Synopsis: Using the Standard C64 Character Set is not really cool, so we will acquire a modfied set taken a C64 game and edit it in another  C-64 charset logo generator. Once all dots are collected grab the key and unlock the exit! Infiltrator Disassembler for C64 This Commodore 64 software tool allows you to completely reverse engineer any assembly language listing with several extra additions. Allows images drawn with standard PC paint programs to be converted into raw Commodore 64 character set data (hi-res and/or multicolour). Cuneiform, a C64 Charset Editor for Win32 - written by Scrapdog I began work on a cross-platform C-64 character set editor in June 2001, called Hieroglyphic . The CHARSET-ROM contains the data for the original C64 charset. They are often used as actors or objects inside a game production. c64 charset

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