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Currently, Docker fires up a Linux VM initially, and I don't see an Installing Redis on Windows using Docker Containers. Do you have any other tips or tricks for packaging software in Windows Containers? I've submitted a PR to the Docker project and subject to feedback the Redis will be officially available for Windows soon. If you install the Docker Toolbox on a Windows machine, the installer automatically installs Oracle Virtualbox to run the Docker virtual machine. Don't install anything more than you need, and clean up any installations as you go. This support also means that users could  May 10, 2016 Installation of Windows Containers. Note: LCOW support is currently experimental and under active development. How to Install Glass Windows in a Cargo Container. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to Install Docker on Windows 10 and run both Linux and Windows Containers. Though containers are not a new concept for developers, the integration of containers as a feature of the Windows server environment is Once this is complete, you’ll have everything you need to run Linux and Windows containers on Windows Server (assuming you’ve read the previous segments. running 'Install-PackageProvider -Name NuGet -MinimumVersion 2. Containers virtualize software, making it more agile and efficient. Additional quick start documentation can be found in the table of contents on the left-hand side of this page This quick start is specific to Windows Server containers on Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2016. Running Containers inside a VM gives you significant isolation with some overhead. Hyper-V containers have identical functionality to their Windows counterparts, the only difference is the isolation of the kernel. How to run Docker Containers on Windows Server 2019. NET series: Windows Containers series. Docker is an operating-system level virtualization technology that allows you to isolate applications in so-called containers without the overhead of conventional virtual machines. Windows 10 contains built With the latest flights of Windows 10, we are bringing Hyper-V Containers natively into Windows 10. Docker for Windows with Windows Containers. To install the Containers feature manually is straight forward. Once you have install Kubernetes cli. …Okay, now that I've logged out and back in again,…it's asking if I want to enable Hyper-V,…which of course, yes I do. This post highlights TP3 running from a VM on a Windows Server 2012 R2 host. If you want to run Kubernetes locally, you should consider minikube. To keep things simple, let’s break them down into their similarities and differences. Stay tuned for an update! Further Reading. This one will be a 24-footer, large enough to include a bathroom if someone wants it. To install Docker  Jan 3, 2017 Learn how to configure, build, and run Docker containers on Windows. This will provide you a sandbox Once you've selected Windows Server 2016 Core with Containers Tech Preview, leave Resource Manager selected as the deployment model (see the bottom of the next figure) and click Create to create the new virtual machine (VM) that you'll be using as your container host: Docker is one of a few container management platforms available across operating systems such as Windows, Linux or MacOS. Docker Toolbox allows you to deploy development containers in legacy Windows systems that do not meet the requirements of the new Docker for Windows Windows Server Insider: Getting Started in Container with Docker This TechNet Wiki article provides an overview on how to pull a Windows Server Insider Preview container image using Docker and run a Windows Server Insider Preview container using Windows Containers feature on Windows 10. With containers, developers (and system Install Docker. This tutorial describes how to install, configure, and run Kata Containers on Clear Linux* OS. We will move that file to required location once we create . Michael is a Docker Alum who used to work on the Docker and Microsoft technology partnership. Here’s an overview. --Docker is an open platform for developers and system administrators to build Docker on Windows runs the native Docker engine on the Windows platform without a Linux VM and, therefore, only run Windows-based containers. Prerequisites. What would be necessary for such a feat would be a so-called Linux subsystem. Since yesterday, the bits are available and you can start to work with this new version of Windows Server, that brings containers to the Windows ecosystem (and many more features that you can discover here). Docker consists of the Docker Engine and the Docker client. The Container Feature is to enable this. Containers on Windows 10. Docker may prompt for that. Kitematic - The easiest way to use Docker on Mac. When you follow my blog for a while you probably know that running Windows Containers on Windows 10 had some disadvantages compared to a Windows Server. Docker for Windows 10 uses Microsoft Hyper-V to spin both Linux and Windows Containers. Short answer: You don’t. Why do i need to install windows on my shipping container if i can install a lighting system you might ask. See how to install the operating system images and configure Docker. In Windows Server 2016 Microsoft introduced Windows containers. These durable metal shells provide excellent protection from the elements at a very inexpensive cost to the owner. Windows features can be installed with Add-WindowsFeature. …At this point, I have to log out of Windows…and log back in to finish the installation. We began construction on the second Rhino Cubed shipping container home this week. No Comments  Sep 28, 2016 This sample cookbook will install Docker and allow you to use your Nano server as a container host where you can run and inspect Windows . Windows Containers Overview Windows-based containers: Modern app development with enterprise-grade control. Additionally, developers can leverage Docker natively with Windows 10 via Docker Desktop. When customers experience issues with or have questions about Windows containers and related Docker functionality, Microsoft is their first point of contact. Previously he was at Heroku and before that he co-founded AppHarbor, a . 3 for Windows Server 2016 and 2019 Released How to Attach To A Running Windows Containers Map Storage Volume with Docker and Windows Containers Update Docker On Windows Server 2016 (Jan 2019) This enables you to execute Web servers, for example, in a lightweight, portable and isolated environment. This can be done if docker server's OS is windows. Running a local Kubernetes cluster. When it does, you will be prompted to install the Hyper-V and Containers features. Open PowerShell as an administrator and execute below commands. Containers Host – Manual. Go ahead and then reboot. On Windows 10 every Windows Containers has to be run in Hyper-V isolation mode. Docker has been working closely with Microsoft to bring containers to Windows and just announced the availability of Docker on Windows at the latest ignite conference. Docker Windows containers work the same way as it does on Linux: same Docker CLI, API, image format and content distribution services. How to enable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on Windows Server 2019. In short, the Windows containers on Windows 10 uses Hyper-V Isolation means it runs via hyper virtualization while the Linux docker runs on Linux and work with Linux kernel so, it uses Alpine Linux runs again on Hyper-V. We started by cutting out all the windows and installing the window bucks. Getting Started. Fast and Easy Setup. All Windows Server 2016 and later versions come with Docker Engine - Enterprise. In the upcoming guides, we will show you how to install docker containers with apps (SickRage, Sonarr, CouchPotato, Plex, etc. This tutorial walks you through manually getting Windows containers running on Amazon ECS with the Amazon ECS-optimized Windows AMI. For Windows sysadmins and SQL Server DBAs getting started with containers without the added confusion of learning Linux, Docker on Windows is the best path. Hyper-V Container: Windows Server Container: They have a shared kernel model. It shows you how to use a MusicStore application with Windows containers. e. If everything went well, you should have Docker for Windows 7, 8, and 10 is installed, the service should be running and waiting to host containers with various apps. Windows Server 2019 contains new features for working with containers—packages that store an application's code, configurations, and dependencies, allowing them to run on any platform. If you stand inside a container and have someone close the doors on you, you will not be able to see your hand in front of your face. When I set LCOW_SUPPORTED to 1 I can run Linux containers, but not Windows containers. Docker for Windows is installing the Hyper-V and Containers features in the background. They look like this: Docker Windows Server 2016 has been released in October 2016 and comes with a new feature called Containers. Windows Containers. After installing Docker, logging out of Windows and re-login is required. Windows Containers Windows Containers allows us to run \ deploy Windows Containers Images using the Docker management engine for Containers. In this quick start you will accomplish: Installing  Sep 25, 2016 Docker is required in order to work with Windows containers. With Docker container support now available for Windows Server 2016, admins are bound to wonder what the differences are between Windows and Linux containers. In process isolation mode, containers share the OS kernel with the host and hence are lightweight and similar to how containers work on Linux systems. TP3 means Technical Preview 3, so for the moment, keep in mind that Windows Containers are not production ready, unlike PowerShell 5 which is. Oct 13, 2016 The simple way to install and configure Windows Container features on your Windows 10 Anniversary Update machine is to download Docker  Jun 9, 2018 In this blog post, we will get quickly get started with installing windows containers and run our first container image by pulling it from docker  Jun 25, 2019 Install the Hyper-V feature; Container host prerequisites; Install the containers feature; Install Docker; Docker verification; Launch a Windows  Apr 6, 2018 However, before we take a more detailed look at Windows container was scripted in PowerShell or it was part of our Windows installer. The Docker image you build for your app should be as small as possible, so it's fast to distribute and has a small surface area. Besides that, Portainer allows you to manage your Docker containers, images, volumes, networks and more, making the management of your Docker resources a breeze. Cargo containers are being used more and more by resourceful builders looking into making homes from recycled materials. Adding Windows Features. Install Docker for Windows – Stable channel. For LinuxKit specific issues, please file an issue under This blog post is a quick introduction to Containers in the Windows world, and a walk-through on installing SQL Server in a Windows Container. UPDATE: The LinuxKit LCOW repo has a README with updated details for users interested in LinuxKit. A detailed tutorial and step by step process for installing Docker on Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, to get started with launching the first docker container. Containers already exists in Linux world and enables to make OS virtualization. Follow these steps to enable the Hyper-V role and Windows container feature, as well as to install Docker Engine, container modules and the base OS image before spinning up new instances. Basically, a container is an isolated place where an application can run without affecting the rest of the system and I'm running Windows Hyper-V 2016 Core. In this article series, I’m showing you how to manage Windows Server Containers on Windows Server 2016 (WS2016) Technical Preview 3 (TPv3) using PowerShell. To start, you need to install the ContainerImage module on the server that will store containers: The one thing Windows containers have not done since they were first demonstrated two years ago, is run an application built for Linux, in a container built around Linux, in a Windows environment. Docker Enterprise is the easiest and fastest way to use containers and Kubernetes at scale and delivers the fastest time to production for modern applications, securely running them from hybrid cloud to the edge. On Windows platforms, you can run containers in two modes: process isolation and Hyper-V isolation. And while Microsoft did As the marketplace and Microsoft embrace Linux, the need for Windows and Linux to operate side-by-side becomes critical. In the world of Windows Server, with Windows Server 2016, there are now two different ways to deploy and consume containers – Windows Server containers and Hyper-V containers. How to Install Docker Enterprise Edition Preview on Windows Server 2019. On Windows Server 1709, install EE preview. May 21, 2019 Learn about Windows containers. cd ~ The process of creating Hyper-V containers in Windows Server 2016 is relatively easy, but you must prepare the host first. This blog post is about creating a development environment so I won’t comment on how to deploy Windows Containers in production. We knew that we could install “Docker Desktop This repository hosts the components to build a LinuxKit based Linux image for Linux Containers on Windows. Remember , docker in Windows runs inside a Hyper-V MobyLinux VM , If you keep “rootfs Oracle Database on Windows Containers •Do a silent install of Oracle Database using software only install –Provide a response file •Workaround required to avoid “Null pointer exception” issue: –Set INVENTORY_LOCATION=C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory in the response file •Create Database –Copy data files, or Watch this video tutorial from Elton Stoneman (@EltonStoneman) to learn how to set up Docker on your Windows machine. This course focuses on Linux containers…even when we're using Docker for Windows. As you probably know, Microsoft announced the RTM of Windows Server 2016 two weeks ago during Microsoft Ignite. The simplest way to try it out on Windows 10 is to install the edge variant of Docker for Windows . In this post I will focus on adding HTTPS support to Windows Containers using self-issued certificates for testing purpose. Windows Server 2019 is an evolution to the container functionality you get with Docker. I describe how to get it in How to setup Bash and Ubuntu on  Jun 9, 2016 The Docker Windows Server Containers (WSC) require Windows APIs of a When I first installed the GUI version of Windows server, I got the  Dec 15, 2015 In this previous post I was telling you that you need to download the Windows Core WIM image before start playing with containers on Windows  Jan 24, 2017 So for running Docker containers on a Windows 10 development installer supports working with both Linux and Windows containers. Go to your Kubernetes master node and copy config file from ~/. As many of you have heard, Microsoft is jumping into containers with native support for Docker containers in Windows 2016. Both my colleague Kendall Roden and myself were recently taking a deep dive into docker containers support on Windows 10 and Windows Server 1709. A container image is a static snapshot of I want to run a container with microsoft/windowsservercore. NET platform as a service. The exercise will walk through creating and running Windows containers on Windows 10. Click OK but don’t fret if nothing happens. After logging in again, Docker starts automatically. Learn how to install a base  Mar 26, 2018 Docker for Windows is installing the Hyper-V and Containers features in the background. Note that I used a VM running Windows Server 2016 with Containers Build and run your first Docker Windows Server container By Michael Friis. In this post, you'll learn how to install Docker on Windows and run your first containers. In this blog post, I’ll show you how I Install Windows Containers on Windows Server Core 2016 and Server with GUI. Historically on Windows, however, Linux Containers run inside a Hyper-V virtual machine. Windows Server 2016 supports two different container types: Windows Server containers and Hyper-V containers. kube/config to your windows machine to any location. I couldn't find an answer for whether it is possible using docker-toolbox in windows 7. We are currently working on testing and publishing SQL Server Container Images that could speed up the process of getting started with SQL Server in Windows Containers significantly. Developers can use Hyper-V Containers to build amazing cloud applications benefitting from native co Install and Configure Windows Server 2019 Date: March 22, 2018 Author: Nedim Mehic 8 Comments Microsoft announced the next version of Windows Server 2 days ago which is available through Microsoft’s Insider Program. Containers is a feature of Windows Server 2016 however to function it also requires the docker management layer and command line interface. For Windows 7 (and higher) users, Docker provides Docker Toolbox, an installer that includes everything needed to configure and launch a Docker environment. Containers are like lightweight virtual In this blog post, I’ll show you how I Install IIS 10 Web Server on a Windows Server Container. I’ve tinkered a little with SQL Server on Linux. In this quick start you will accomplish: Installing Docker Desktop; Running a simple Windows container; This quick start is specific to Windows 10. If you have tried Windows Containers already and built some Windows Container images you may wonder how to implement an update strategy. Setup a Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 installation NOTE: This does not necessarily mean that your physical host needs to be running Windows Server 2016 TP3. 8. Jun 28, 2019 Windows Container support is available in preview in Azure App Service. In prepping for this article, I started with a freshly installed Windows Server 2019 box. IT can use Windows 10 containers in conjunction with Docker to isolate certain applications and processes from the rest of the OS and device the app or process runs on. The differences between the two platforms are getting increasingly blurred, especially when it comes to the use of Docker for the deployment of Windows and Linux containers. Switch Docker to use Windows Containers. ) to build your home server on docker engine. To perform this task, run the following PowerShell command:  Dec 7, 2016 Q. Sep 25, 2016 You also install Docker which requires a reboot. I am very trhilled to write this article as i am a huge fan of Docker and PowerShell so, both of the two worlds are starting to works smoothly on Windows 2016 Server TP3. This is installed on VMWare ESXi with a snapshot. Kitematic’s one click install gets Docker running on your Mac and lets you control your app containers from a graphical user interface (GUI). Execute the installer that was downloaded, and click on the first page and select both options, which are Add shortcut to the desktop and Use Windows containers instead of Linux containers and click on OK, and wait for the completion of the process. …Go ahead and click that which may reboot Run Ubuntu containers with Hyper-V isolation on Windows 10 and Windows Server. The Windows Server 2016 Containers feature enables Windows Server 2016 to run applications in "containers". I’ve already covered where the Select Docker Community Edition for Windows from the list, and on the new page click on Get Docker. And you will need Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise for that. How do I install Containers on Windows Server 2016? A. How to install Applications from Windows command line Step 1- Install the container support. ”. Docker Container Platform for Windows Server 2016 articles and blog posts on the Docker website; Install Docker Desktop Get started with Docker for Windows Estimated reading time: 17 minutes Welcome to Docker Desktop for Windows! Docker is a full development platform for creating containerized apps, and Docker Desktop for Windows is the best way to get started with Docker on Windows. available to the linked Containers offer several advantages over full blown virtual machines when it comes to efficiency, footprint, and overall complexity. 09. There are two options, “Add shortcut to desktop” and “Use Windows containers instead of Linux containers…. In windows, you have to take help of virtuallization (using Hyper-v) to have same os as your containers's os and then you should be able to run the same. They no longer have to worry about complex installation and configuration procedures. 201 -Force'. Docker is required in order to work with Windows containers. Other Windows Server 2019 guides: How to run Linux on Windows Server 2019 with WSL. Q. I’m interested in SSIS, though, so I’ve been focusing on running Windows containers in Docker for Windows. In this article, I’ll explain to you how to start with this new role, on Windows Server 2016 TP5. Docker Voting App on Windows I would love to have the ability to choose Windows containers directly during install so that on first start, Docker fires up a Windows-native Docker daemon immediately. Michael tweets @friism. Lastly, if you're interested in running Windows containers — aka containers with a base image that inherits from Windows — Docker for Windows is the only option. Install the Hyper-V feature ^. is to install Docker on the windows machine that we want to host our Redis on. Wait a minute or so, and you will notice your computer  Jun 12, 2019 Configure an example deployment to run Windows containers on the To deploy a Windows container on Kubernetes, you must first create an  Feb 14, 2019 In this tip we learn about containers that can be used to run SQL Server and how to create and setup containers in Windows. I have written a dockerfile to copy MSIs from host folder to container and Run Unlike Virtualization, containerization uses the same host os. I am on Server 1709, fresh install. via Windows Containers in Azure App Service you can install your  Jan 23, 2017 OK, let's start by installing the Windows Containers feature on the container host. See also: Follow up by checking out my Windows-Containers and . Windows Server containers rely on the Windows Server kernel. Install Docker for Windows. Windows containers run in two different formats; Windows Server containers which isolate applications using namespace isolation technology, and Hyper-V Containers which run containers inside optimised virtual machines. This option solely depends upon the developer or the user who wants to run images inside the containers. You can find more detail at Container Images on Windows Server, and Multi-Container Applications, a sample Music Store application with Windows containers. There are plenty of guides on the Internet for how to set up containers on Windows. On the one You can go ahead and deploy a Windows VM and install Docker on it. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what your goals are. Hi, I am trying to build a container image with my product component (i. By default, Docker is set to use Linux containers. Please make sure you meet the following requirements: Getting Started with Windows Containers (Lab) provides a tutorial on how to set up and run Windows containers on Windows 10 or with Windows Server 2016. Docker makes it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. You create a cluster for your Windows container instances, launch one or more container instances into your cluster, register a task definition that uses a Windows container image, create a service that uses that task definition, and then view the sample webpage If you are a developer or system administrator that wants to learn about working with containers, Docker for Windows provides a great way to get up and running quickly. How to Install Windows Server 2019 Step by Step. Portainer is also a management user interface that allows you to easily manage your Docker host. I leave the default (screenshot below) and click Ok. Right-click on the docker tray icon This course focuses on Linux containers even when we're using Docker for Windows. Containers is a feature of Windows Server 2016 however to function it also  Jan 4, 2017 The Anniversary update for Windows 10 (i. Before you can use the Windows Containers to run multiple isolated applications your system, you’ll need to enable the containers feature and install Docker on Windows Server 2019. This article outlines Microsoft's support policy concerning Windows containers and Docker for on-premises deployments. Running Docker Linux Containers on Windows with LinuxKit. The Windows Server kernel uses process and namespace isolation to create the distinct space for each container, and all containers that run on the host system share the kernel. kube directory on windows. Installing IIS Server or any other rule on a Windows Container can only be done using PowerShell because GUI Interface and remote roots are not available to us on Containers. By using  Switch between Windows and Linux containers describes the Linux / Windows containers toggle in Docker Desktop  Open a terminal window (Command Prompt or Pull the hello-world image from Docker Hub and run a container: > docker  Aug 7, 2018 Here's how to get started using Windows Server containers. The Windows container download or run always fails, when I set it back to null the Windows containers run but the Linux containers do not. This course explores the numerous benefits of using Docker containers for Windows app development and deployment. Windows Server 2016 is still perfectly fine for production, but 2019 brings Windows containers much closer to feature parity with Linux containers, and smooths over some things which are tricky in 2016. Additional quick start documentation, including containers in Windows 10, are found in the table of contents on the left hand side of this page. Some of the blogs would suggest mounting “rootfs” volume for cAdvisor and node-exporter containers. The cool kids are using Linux containers, especially the cool SQL Server kids. Long Answer: Here are some approaches for running Windows containers is to: 1. Once Docker for Windows is installed, it will automatically start up when the computer has rebooted. Prerequisites OS - 64 bit Linux containers require Linux APIs from the host kernel and Windows Server Containers require the Windows APIs of a host Windows kernel, so you cannot run Linux containers on a Windows Server host or a Windows Server Container on a Linux host. Containers are the current big Install Docker Toolbox in Windows. As some of you would have seen, I spent some time last week getting familiar with Linux Containers on Windows Server 2019, and I thought I would share what I did to get it all up and running. Part of the series will be about getting containers up and running on a Windows 10 box to run a Windows based container. For development environments, there are a few options: Install locally on Windows 10; Install locally on Server 2016; Install a Windows 10 or Server 2016 in Virtual Machine Windows Containers Networking Explained How To Use DockerFile To Create A Volume With Windows Containers Docker 18. Windows Containers  Gain an understanding of Docker start-up options, container networking, and the installation requirements of Windows Containers. Install Docker In Windows server 2016 Container. May 3, 2017; Posted by: Loges; Category: Blog, Containers. It manages the build, deployment and tear-down of containers and Containers are happening and you should be looking hard at them for your deployments. Let’s get Started. Note: Issues are currently disabled on this project. Additional benefits: Docker is an open source and popular operating system-level virtualization (commonly known as “containerization”) technology that primarily runs on Linux and Windows. How can I install Windows Updates in my container image? Working with containers is not the same as working with real servers or VM's you support for months or years. Learn about the two types Once the download is completed (roughly 500 MB in size), double-click to install it; One of the first screens that pops up during the install is the Configuration window. Exam Ref 70-740 Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 Published: January 2017 Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-740—and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of Windows Server 2016 installation, storage, and compute features and capabilities. Let's take a look at what this feature is. C++ windows service). When creating docker images and containers, the files get placed in C:\ProgramData\docker\ - can I move that to the D drive? There has been a lot of work lately that has gone into bringing Docker containers to the Windows platform. My Server is set up with a C as a small boot drive, with two other large drives on the machine. The provider will enable the containers feature on your machine ( the same as if you'd use the GUI to Install the feature) and prep for the install of Docker. Docker makes it easy to get those containers up and running on multiple platforms, including Windows and Windows Server. Containers used to be based almost exclusively on Linux, but, since the release of the Anniversary update and Windows Server 2016, it is possible to deploy and use Windows containers based on the small-footprint Windows Nano Server (among others). In this article, we are going to focus on How to Install Docker In Windows server 2016 Container. I'm installing Docker for Windows (CE) on Windows 10 and the first screen asks me: [ ] Use Windows containers instead of Linux containers (this can be changed after installation) This seems an important decision, yet the Docker documentation, FAQ and Windows container tutorial provides no information about why I might choose one over the other. So the container built on linux can not be run on windows and vice versa. Kata Containers is an open source project developing a lightweight implementation of VMs that offer the speed of containers and the security of VMs. Today, I will show you how you can install Portainer using Docker. version number 1607) lets you Now, in order to create Windows containers, install the Windows  Mar 7, 2018 I have been using windows containers a lot in the last month and the RUN Install-PackageProvider -Name chocolatey -RequiredVersion  Jul 21, 2017 In this article, I'll show you how to Install Windows Containers \ Docker on Because Windows Server Insider Build Is new and the regular  Amazon ECS now supports Windows containers on container instances that are launched with the Amazon ECS-optimized Windows AMI. Follow below steps. install all prerequisites to support Docker on Windows Server 2016 (the cmdlets  Aug 11, 2017 In this blog post, I'll show you how I Install Windows Containers on Windows Server Core 2016 and Server with GUI. Mar 15, 2019 Okay, great, but how do I do that on a Windows Server? This post shows you Verify the Docker installation by running a hello-world container: Feb 24, 2019 I have a love/hate relationship with Windows containers. This is part 1 of what will most likely be a series (unless I get totally hacked off with containers like I am right now). Todo so, we’ll use the OneGet provider PowerShell module. During my hands-on experience, I followed multiple guides and can highly recommend the Windows  Feb 12, 2016 To have fun with Windows containers you need Windows 10 Insider Preview. This is  Installing windows docker on windows 10. Well, shipping containers "Cargo Containers" are designed and built to be wind and watertight by default. May 29, 2018 Twistlock supports Windows containers and provides vulnerability management for Windows images. It consists of the Docker Engine  Nov 7, 2018 The exercise will walk through creating and running Windows containers on Windows 10. 5. Do you want PowerShellGet to install and import the NuGet provider now? [Y] Yes [N] No [S] Suspend [?] Help (default is "Y"): Enabled Windows “Containers” Feature PS C:\Users\Felipe> Install-WindowsFeature Containers Success Restart Needed Exit Code Feature Result Is this workaround just a hack, or is the way to go with version 1 of Windows containers if we want to deploy legacy application that comes with GUI? Will this terminal Services tool available to do RDP in containers? Two Container Runtimes - Windows Server Container vs. At this point, I have to log out of Windows and log back in to finish the installation. install windows containers

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