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Wirz on Thu Aug 13 2015. In Oracle, CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement creates a view that stores the query result similar to a table that stores its rows. An indexed view is a view that has been made physical (materialized) by adding an unique clustered index on it and it is stored in a database similar to a table. For example, it may be a local copy of data located remotely, or may be a subset of the rows and/or columns of a table or join result, or may be a summary using an aggregate function. I am not being able to a create materialized view like I can in Oracle. I need to put an index on a materialized view. Partitioning separates the view of a table into parts, which often  4 Jan 2017 Lucero Del Alba talks about using PostgreSQL's materialized views to . Because MySQL is only relational database management hence, it does not provide data domain object. Though MySQL's query cache  26 Nov 2013 The CREATE VIEW statement creates a new view, or replaces an existing view For example, if a view is defined as SELECT * on a table, new columns . FlexViews and Oracle both seem to use a change-tracking / replication system as the basis for updating the views incrementally. When I try to drop a materialized view, I am able to do so. ? Yes, you can go for an inline view -- however, a materialized view is just that -- the query already RAN some time ago. When data in the database changes, Flexviews materialized views can be updated efficiently using the row change information that has been captured, instead of building the whole view again. Because the materialized view conforms to the conditions for fast refresh, the database will perform a fast refresh. So while it is materialized, it's not persistent, which is the whole point of true materialized This feature, called query rewrite, enables the optimizer to use a materialized view in place of the table queried by the materialized view, even if the materialized view is not named in the query. 69 likes. PostgreSQL implemented materialized views in its 9. A materialized view created with the automatic refresh can not be alter to stop refreshing. The problem is that each one of these aggregation (join, group by, etc) operations can get computationally expensive as more rows exist in each table. You can automatically refresh an INCREMENTAL refresh view using MySQL events. In PostgreSQL view tutorial, you have learned that views are virtual tables which represent data of the underlying tables. MySQL Articles/Utilities Cheatsheets (for DBAs). This tool is called DBMS_ADVISOR. This feature has existed in Oracle for a while, in DB2 as a materialized query table, and appeared in MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005 as indexed views. And it will even provide you with a script to create the materialized view it is recommending, if you ask it nicely enough. The syntax above is just a small extract of the possible syntax. Materialized view is also called Matview. This week we will tackle another restriction on fast refresh materialized views. It can be a SELECT statement can contain data from one table or multiple tables. The table is first created, then the view that references two of the table’s three columns, and finally the unique clustered index on the view making it an indexed view. View and materialized view are two ways in which database users can go about this act. Of course, we need to be aware of it because in general the commit is an immediate and simple operation. Does the indexed view will update periodically on commit like in oracle. … In computing, a materialized view is a database object that contains the results of a query. MySQL doesn’t have native support for it, but you can find extensions for it which would help achieve this. The basic difference between View and Materialized View is that Views are not stored physically on the disk. For example, the View Available Credit use must query the Customer to find the that only grant it access its own (logical) database on a shared MySQL server. Relational databases like MySQL allows for data to be  Difference between View and Materialized view is one of the popular SQL interview questions, much like truncate vs delete, correlated vs noncorrelated  28 Oct 2015 This is costly for two reasons: creating and reading the materialized In MySQL 5. A materialized view is a table segment or database object that contains the results of a query. all combinations of the join's. Materialized views, which store data based on remote tables are also, know as Materialized view groups cannot span the boundaries of the replication group at the master site or master materialized view site. materialized view, even if the materialized view only partially fulfills the query requirements • sophisticated query rewrite so that one materialized view can be used to report at different levels of aggregation such as at the week, month and year • automatic mechanism to refresh materialized views and a single request will I want to create mview from mysql to Oracle using DBLink via odbc driver with Linux 64 bit os. However, you can do periodic refreshing with events. Once such a system is in place you can inspect changes to determine whether they affect a materialized view and, if so, which rows of the view need to be Hashish, Your question said to materialized view in SQL. You’ll have to edit (or just use) the event that refreshes all materialized views, and only refresh the one you want. Obviously it’s faster and more efficient. AS select_query: the query that is run, with the results stored in the materialized view. MySQL doesn't have native support for it, but you can find extensions for it which   13 May 2008 I was poking around the MySQL Worklog again over the weekend, and found a request for materialized views for MySQL. As close as I can find. … Another thing to keep in mind … is that there is the potential for inconsistencies … between source tables and materialized views. If you then change the view again, MySQL will create a new backup file named view_name. If it is not possible to rewrite your query using any of your existing materialized views, Oracle has a tool which will suggest brand new materialized views to create. . The row change information is captured using FlexCDC, a change data capture tool for MySQL. [MySQL-5. When you create the indexed view, SQL Server “materializes” the data in the view into physical table so instead of doing complex joins, aggregates, etc, it can queries the data from that “materialized” table. 3) moving to 10. You should create a materialized view log for the master tables if you specify the REFRESH FAST clause. In Mysql doesn't exist this type views like > Oracle. ch/mysql-materialized-views Used for implementing materialized views (for more information, see CREATE TABLE). Last week when we talked about how to implement a fast refresh materialized view with a MAX aggregate function. jdbc: h2:~/test;MODE=MYSQL;DATABASE_TO_LOWER=TRUE. Materialized Views are used when immediate response is needed and the query where the Materialized View bases on would take to long to produce a result. Here is an example of how you would use the Oracle CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW Statement: Hi I am facing a strange problem with Materialized view. I was referring to the latter, where the view IS materialized into a concrete table, but then thrown away at the conclusion of the statement. It is different from simple view. This article will help you understand the key differences between materialized view and view, the meaning of view and its use, the meaning of materialized view and its use, etc. To execute this command you must be the owner of the materialized view. However, Materialized View is a physical copy, picture or snapshot of the base table. Between the two there is MATERIALIZED VIEW - it's a VIEW that has a query in its definition and uses this query to fetch the data directly from the storage, but it also has it's own storage that basically acts as a cache in between the underlying TABLE(s) and the queries operating on the MATERIALIZED VIEW. 2. Using an inline view -- it would execute the query to gather the data at that point in time. . vt Please mark answered if I've answered your question and vote for it as helpful to help other user's find a solution quicker In MySQL, phpMyAdmin tool is responsible for providing GUI and SQL interface. Each table holds the data from one table. A materialized view log was created for the employee table, so Oracle Database performs a fast refresh of the materialized view every 7 days, beginning 7 days after the materialized view is created. What is a materialized view?A materialized view is a database object that contains the results of a query. frm-00002. Flexviews materialized views for MySQL. View can be defined as a virtual table created as a result of the query expression. Let’s define the materialized view to refresh on commit instead of on-demand. I was poking around the MySQL Worklog again over the weekend, and found a request for materialized views for MySQL. Summary: this tutorial introduces you to PostgreSQL materialized views that allow you to store result of a query physically and update the data periodically. Anyway Materialized view also takes storage and refresh . MySQL does not support materialized view like other database systems such as Oracle, PostgreSQL. But now the scenario is need to transfer number of records from MySQL to oracle via db-link with use of materialized view. FlexViews for MySQL Oracle; Sybase SQL Anywhere Implementation . When any data is changed the trigger will make sure to refresh the materialized view. ? Materialized views are disk based and update periodically base upon the query definition, Views are virtual only and run the query definition each time they are accessed. A Materialized View (MV) is the pre-calculated (materialized) result of a query. MySQL does not offer backup option but, it uses Mysqldump, and XtraBackup tool to provide backup. They are useful to aggregate data in business intelligence applications with complex queries. name) data. 6 mag 2016 Sebbene MySQL non includa il supporto nativo alle Materialized View, è comunque possibile implementarle grazie a trigger e stored  Before starting with a materialized view, let's talk about database views. A materialized view can even be optimized for just a single query. 1. net for the online SQL converter! The concept of materialized views (MVs) is almost 15 years old; Oracle first introduced these views in the 8i version of its DBMS. MariaDB and MySQL do not support materialized views natively. The MV will likely increase speeds 2x-5x, but also can be indexed for gains of 10x-50x. BUILD IMMEDIATE: the materialized view will be populated immediately. They have statement-rewriting views and temporary-table views. 3, which was released just a year ago). A database view is a virtual table or logical table which is defined as a SQL SELECT query with joins. Is is possible to Create Fast refresh enabled Materialized view from MySQL to Oracle . … When adding support for Mat Views to MS SQL, we added support for the view names to be fully qualified (with their schema), using a cons to host the (schema . Example. CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW is similar to CREATE TABLE AS GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. There are no tricks for keeping a materialized view up to date by changing it when the underlying tables change. In other words, you can refer to other views in the SELECT statement which defines the view. sourceforge. QUICK_TUNE. The old contents are discarded. views reference the internal names of tables and columns, and not what’s visible to the user. 0. Like a regular view, the data in a materialized view results from a query. This video is a free tutorial on the difference between views and materialized views. Materialized views are particularly nice for analytics queries, where many queries do math on the same basic atoms Materialized Views store the results of a MySQL query in a table. the main advantage of creating a view is we can hide some confidential information from the other users. For example, if you have a large SALES table, you may create a materialized view that sums the SALES data by region. If you have the MySQL background and want to see the differences between PostgreSQL and MySQL, this PostgreSQL vs. MySQL offers the temporary tables but does not provide materialized view. I’m giving a talk on it at the MySQL 2011 CE, and I figured I should blog about it before then. Auto-reconnect It is also possible to use triggers to simulate materialized views. If materialized_view_2 is based on materialized_view_1, then "REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW materialized_view_2" does not guarantee that materialized_view_2 is up to date, because materialized_view_1 might also be out of date. For storing data, it uses a different engine that was specified when  Materialized Views in MySQL. When I try to create the MV again, I am getting message "Object with this name already exists. You can specify when to refresh the data in a materialized view: when changes to the underlying objects are committed, on demand, at specified time intervals, or never refresh. Ø Markedly faster response times. This registers the MySQL connector with the "inventory" database (we're using an  Benefits of Materialized Views. And materialized view is invoked only when that query fired, its if its a different query it won’t be referenced right. The query is executed and used to populate the view at the time the command is issued (unless WITH NO DATA is used) and may be refreshed later using REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW. APPLIES TO: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Data Warehouse Parallel Data Warehouse . I have seen one or two solutions like Flexview. . when you query a MV, you don't have to re-matierialize the view, it is there. The FROM clause of the query can name tables, views, and other materialized views. In computing, a materialized view is a database object that contains the results of a query. But now you can find it in most database systems like PostgreSQL, MicrosoftSQL server, IBM DB2, Sybase. Views on Redshift. 5 cr records it Lucero Del Alba talks about using PostgreSQL's materialized views to process large amounts of data without slowing down your database in this new Write Stuff article, showing how to efficiently create, access, update, and delete them. 2014 Discussion: Erreur ORA-32349 - creation MATERIALIZED VIEW avec PREBUILT create materialized view abc on prebuilt table refresh fast on demand as select * from abc . We compare Materialized View with SQL Server Indexed View, discuss scenarios supported by Indexed View and provide suggestions you can consider for the non-supported scenarios. On the other hands, Materialized Views are stored on the disc. Here’s what we do The standard says that the definer of the view, which is the same as the owner of the view's schema, gets applicable privileges on the view (for example, SELECT) and may grant them. Which product do you plan on using? Orable? MySQL? SQL Server aka T-SQL? Each one of three relational database that i just mentioned will Flexviews materialized views for MySQL. 0] creation de view avec sub query. Base tables referenced in the materialized view defining query must be connected in a join graph of star/snowflake shape. A materialized view is a database object that contains the results of a query. Materialized View Logs. For a list of applications that work with or use H2, see: Links. MySQL has no concept of a schema “ owner ”, so MySQL adds a clause to identify the A Materialized View (MV) replaces a SQL multi-table-view (or query) with a new table that holds all data permutations MV's are used to improve performance, and are preferable to replication where problem is due to an inefficient query plan Why views and complex queries can be slow: An efficient query execution plan may not be viable I am using MySQL 5. How implement Materialized Views in MySQL, including triggers for automatic maintenance. 6. Flexviews resources A materialized view in Oracle is a database object that contains the results of a query. MySQL view’s restrictions. Figure 3-12 Materialized View Groups Correspond with Master Groups Create Indexed Views. There is a way to maintain a materialized view without having to do  15 Jun 2018 It is possible to implement a MySQL materialized view. Tables are where user data goes directly as the result of Insert statements. Materialized view can also be helpful in case where the relation on which view is defined is very large and the resulting relation of the view is very small. Ø Less writes. There are sample events included in the distribution. Flexviews is now part of Swanhart-Tools on Github:  29 Oct 2018 For a representative query, our prototype outperforms the widely-used MySQL/ memcached stack and the materialized views of a commercial  14 Dec 2018 Materialized views can be also indexed as the regular data tables to adapters for other DBMS such as SQLite, MySQL or SQL Server. Sign up Swanhart Toolkit - MySQL tools for MPP query, Materialized Views, Async queries, and JSON UDF On 06/23/2013 11:18 AM, Rafael Valenzuela wrote: > Hi All, > I have a question about the materialized views , i remember in the DBA > course my trainer said me. The fields in a view are fields from one or more real tables in the database. Can some one suggest an approach to have a functionality similar to Materialized Views in MySQL? I am using MySQL 5. Figure 3-12 displays the correlation between Groups A and B at the master site and Groups A and B at the materialized view site. Materialized Views for MySQL using Flexviews FOSDEM 2015 Brussels, Belgium Justin Swanhart (@jswanhart) The materialized view will become “stale” or Execute the query below to list the select from a materialized view. A key point is that a materialized view and the data it contains is completely disposable because it can be entirely rebuilt from the source data stores. e. But My boss think the opposite. Views on Redshift mostly work as other databases with some specific caveats: you can’t create materialized views. This feature has  In this tutorial, you are going to learn about MySQL View. FlexCDC : PHP based wrapper for MySQLbinlog converts row-based logs into materialized view changelogs. I have seen the difference between materialized view and Views. Altering an existing ON STATEMENT materialized view is not allowed. Method 1 – Create a MySQL materialized views using triggers tweet this method for creating materialized views in mysql. How? In this post and I will show you 3 methods to create MariaDB & MySQL  http://flexviews. Since you have it I found 2 possible solutions to having materialized views in MySQL:. For real-time materialized views to work we must have materialised view logs on all the tables the materialized view is based on. For those unfamiliar, Flexviews enables you to create and maintain incrementally refreshable materialized views. Unlike views, an Indexed View exists on the disk like a table in which the clustered index is created. "CREATE VIEW `view_name`" tells MySQL server to create a view object in the database named `view_name` "AS SELECT statement" is the SQL statements to be packed in the views. If WITH DATA is specified (or defaults) the backing query is executed to provide the new data, and the So what is a Materialized view? The materializing view was first introduced in oracle. MySQL still doesn't support a materialized view, so you have to simulate it. In this article, we will see how to create a materialized view in SQL Server and MySQL. Can anybody tell me best way to create a materialized Difference between View and Materialized view is one of the popular SQL interview questions, much like truncate vs delete, correlated vs noncorrelated subquery or primary key vs unique key. Supports aggregate functions (All except GROUP_CONCAT) Supports joins; Supports incremental refresh for API managed views; Visit the website flexviews. Materialized view is useful when the view is accessed frequently, as it saves the computation time, as the result are stored in the database before hand. but due to large number of Records around 2. In contrast, the results from a materialized view are kept and physically stored in a database object that resembles a table. MySQL Materialized views, Yes, No. reate materialized view mv_trps_mchnt_frnt tablespace saket storage (initial 1m next 1m pctincrease 0) nologging build immediate refresh complete start with sysdate Data in materialized views can be stale. They spend thousands of dollars to get this level of detailed analysis – which you can now get for free. In the new version has this type of view? and the diferences the differences between views Mysql and Oracle? Thanks -- Materialized Views in Oracle. In this article, we'll learn how to cache result sets for queries A view created with a unique clustered index is known as an “Indexed View” or “Materialized View”. (One implementation I’ve found is here, but without trying it I am just going to proceed with a more manual approach). BUILD DEFERRED: the materialized view is populated on the next refresh operation. Ø Less physical reads. Par conséquent, les VIEW sont d'une utilité limitée sous MySQL. An existing non-ON-STATEMENT materialized view cannot be converted to REFRESH ON STATEMENT. DROP MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG ON order_lines; CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG ON order_lines WITH ROWID, SEQUENCE(order_id, line_qty, total_value) INCLUDING NEW VALUES; Materialized View REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW completely replaces the contents of a materialized view. For a complete . A materialized view in SQL is similar to a regular view. Unlike a simple VIEW the result of a Materialized View is stored somewhere, generally in a table. However, the results of a regular view are transitory—they are lost once the query is complete and, if needed again, the query must be re-executed. SQL> grant  11 sept. SQL> alter materialized view DEMO_MV refresh on commit; 4. 67 likes. Materialized views also provide better performance. A conventional view is the result of a Select statement (on one or multiple tables) that can be used in code as if it were a tab In SQL, a view is a virtual table based on the result-set of an SQL statement. MySQL allows you to create a view based on other views. What is the method? I do not know how often the stats are refreshed and would this effect it performance of the index or view?Thanks in advance,John Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn about a new database object called database view. MXUTP is the While Spanner is a relational database, it is slower than MySQL. 11/19/2018; 9 minutes to read +4; In this article. This blog post discusses approaches to migrate Oracle Materialized View to SQL Server. Why can’t create table and post the updates as and when required. I know MySQL does not support Materialized Views. 7, we have consolidated how views and derived tables are  8 Dec 2016 We will discuss the differences between view and materialized View with the help of comparison chart shown below: 19 Jun 2009 I've seen a few requests recently on how you can use a view with USE INDEX keyword to force MySQL to use a certain index for the query. However, some well known DB vendors (like MySQL) still don’t support MVs or have added this functionality only quite recently (it’s available in PostgreSQL since version 9. An application can directly query its state without needing to go to Kafka. A materialized view, or snapshot as they were previously known, is a table segment whose contents are periodically refreshed based on a query, either against a local or remote table. By Gowri Shanker and Welly Lee. Materialized views provide better application isolation because they are part of an application’s state. Tools to create MySQL, CREATE VIEW with WHERE, AND and OR, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, BETWEEN and IN, LIKE, using subqueries, with JOIN, with UNION. A materialized view (mview) is an object or we can say it is a snapshot that used to store the query results. Using materialized views against remote tables is the simplest way to achieve replication of data between sites. An ON STATEMENT materialized view cannot be created under SYS Materialized views were introduced by Oracle Database, while IBM DB2 provides so-called "materialized query tables" (MQTs) for the same purpose. We will continue our tutorial on using Cassandra Query Language on an Apache Cassandra database by looking at the concept of Materialized Views. > In the new version has this type of view? A materialized view is defined just as a regular view but the result set of the query is stored as persistent data object such as table which is frequently updated from the underlying base tables when changes occur. A view contains rows and columns, just like a real table. There are many advantages of materialized view like If you want to create mass deployment environment or you want to enable disconnecting computing & data subsetting then you should use materialized view to perform these task easily. CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE Mat_View AS SELECT Category,COUNT(*) FROM Main_Table GROUP BY Category; DELIMITER // CREATE EVENT Mat_View_Refresher ON SCHEDULE EVERY 10 MINUTE DO BEGIN DELETE FROM Mat_View; INSERT INTO Mat_View If not, then it might not be familiar to you. Oracle can do that with its materialized views like you mentioned, but only if that materialized view has query rewrite enabled and the view is not stale. It has a  6 Jul 2017 This new release comes with 110 commits as show in github compare view. These tables are called "materialized views". This is one of the classic questions which keeps appearing in SQL interview now and then and you simply can Speeding Up MySQL Using Materialized Views. You cannot create an index on a view. Materialized views help us overcome some of the The best way to make your SQL queries run faster is to have them do less work, and a great way to do less work is to query a materialized view that’s already done the heavy lifting. Some databases, for example Oracle, include MV's. We will work through an example on how to modify a materialized view that includes a COUNT(DISTINCT) in order to get it to fast refresh. Since the materialized view is stored as a real table, you can build indexes on any combination of columns of the view, enabling drastic speedups in response time for queries that access the view. A materialized view is never updated directly by an application, and so it's a specialized cache. Basically, a materialized view is similar to a database view except it is stored physically on disk and updated manually. However, between #2 and #3 above, you should consider creating a Materialized View (MV). Below  A materialized view is a static view of data from a single point in time. Similar to PostgreSQL, this materialized view logic is missing natively in MySQL, but it could be developed easily with SQL logic. An MV is a new table that contains the results of a View or Query, i. Toutefois, comme on l'a vu, l'utilisation de materialized views permet d'accélérer certaines  2016年6月10日 MySQLにはOracleで利用可能な、マテリアライズド・ビューは実装されてません。 その 為、 . You can specify when to  20 Sep 2018 Streaming Materialized Aggregate Views to Elastisearch . This method is used when you need real-time data in your materialized view. Microsoft SQL Server introduced in its 2000 version indexed views which only store a separate index from the table, but not the entire data. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using database views. Flexviews is a materialized view solution for MySQL which supports "fast refresh" style materialized The FAST refreshes use the materialized view logs (as seen above) to send the rows that have changed from master tables to the materialized view. A rogue application can only overwhelm its own materialized view during queries. 3. 14 Sep 2013 Download FlexViews - Materialized Views for MySQL for free. net/index. CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW defines a materialized view of a query. Materialized views in Oracle Database In Oracle, CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW statement creates a view that stores the query result similar to a table that stores its rows. I haven’t tested auto_changelog=true recently and it appears to be broken. The first index created on a view must be a unique clustered index. They are local copies of data located remotely, or are used to create summary tables based on aggregations of a table's data. " I checked in user_objects and I see only Materialized view with the given name and status is "Invalid". These materialized view have data stored and when you query the materialized view,it returns data from the data stored. SQL Server can consider base tables in place of indexed views and indexed views in place of tables like Oracle does with its materialized views. Thus, a table that represents the results of the view would contain all the information but would not require the expensive operations. This article describes how to create indexes on a view. This release of pgloader is following the tradition of simplifying  H2 in Use. … You have to update or refresh materialized views … to capture changes to the source tables … that made up the materialized view. html. SQL> CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG ON emp Fix MySQL Materialized Views support, recently broken. When creating a materialized view, you can partition selected columns to improve performance. Check out the user comments in the MySQL documentation. Flexviews creates them as regular tables and keeps them up to date. MySQL doesn't support materialized views natively, but workarounds can be implemented by using triggers or stored procedures or by using the  Basically a Materialized View can be refreshed immediately or deferred, it can be refreshed fully or to a certain point in time. Can anybody tell me best way to create a materialized MySQL doesn't support materialized views directly. In Mysql doesn't exist this type views like Oracle. The syntax for the CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW Statement in Oracle/PLSQL is: CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW view_name AS SELECT columns FROM table WHERE conditions; view_name The name of the Oracle VIEW that you wish to create or replace. In order to disable that you must break the dbms_job that was created in order to refresh the view. We dropped the table with Below is an example of the CREATE statement for an indexed view, MyView, and its underlying table, MyBigTable. Ø Decreased CPU consumption. set long 50000--Col Text Word_Wrapped--Set Heading Off SELECT OWNER, MVIEW_NAME, query refresh materialized view <view_name>; 👋 No fuss, just SQL We are open sourcing everything from the experience working with our agency clients. The tutorial demonstrates the difference between oracle pl/sql view and an MV through a detailed explanation In computing, a materialized view is a database object that contains the results of a query. and i have question in it. MySQL does not have true materialized views. 3 release. Materialized views to the “rescue”… The goal can be met half-way… Unfortunately MySQL does not have a materialized view capability. Actually I am trying to port Oracle 10g database to MySQL 4. That type of the views are not only about the abstraction but more about performance. And materialized view logs are there to store the incremental changes even if the transaction is very long. You can add SQL functions, WHERE, and JOIN statements to a view and present the data as if the data were coming from one single table. Posted in software by Christopher R. i know steps for oracle to oracle Fast refresh enabled Materialized view. If you drop the underlying table, and recreate a new table with the same name, your view will still be broken. Right database for the app "Hi All, ORACLE 10g(10. Hi All, I have a question about the materialized views , i remember in the DBA course my trainer said me. 5 soon Microsoft SQL Server2008R2 Database I have a materialized view in Oralce that pull data from SQL Server View that is created on lot of views and huge tables that are updated frequently. http://www. one or more materialized views that contain data from multiple services. Once a clustered index is created you may create non-clustered indexes on the view. This is the default. MySQL does not provide  Redguy's post : Need some support on MySQL Query. fromdual. I am new to MySQL and I have a question regarding achieving the functionality of Materialized Views in MySQL. Flexviews is a materialized view solution for MySQL which supports "fast refresh" style materialized Views::: View is a logical data base object, that contains some logical representation of data. The only difference is that unlike a regular view, a materialized view exists physically, just like a table. Please explain. You might be asking yourself “what is an incrementally refreshable materialized view?”. MySQL Views : This article covers how to create view, alter view, drop view. Materialized views in Oracle, Materialized view refresh types and Related Oracle Views of MViews. see Materialized Views with MySQL to see an example of this. mysql materialized view

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